Howdy from the Prescott Regulators and their Shady Ladies!

Shootout on Whiskey Row.
Join us for a look at the Old West!

Behold, right before your eyes, the Old West is comin’ alive.

See the lawdogs, outlaws, drovers, grouchy old prospectors, cantankerous Cavalry scouts, gamblers, saloon girls, hurty-gurty girls, town folk, cowboys, cowgirls, pistol packin mamas, the rowdiest, meanest hombres & wildest women this side of the Pecos.

See the rip-roarin, gut bustin, high falootin, gun totin, shoot-em up, heroes & heroines of the Old West.

Watch us bring the history of the Territory back as it was, taste the dust, smell the gun-powder, hear the roar of the 45s and feel like you was standing right there.

See history as it really happened! —–
Well as it might of happened! —–
OK, no where close to what happened but it looks good!
Come see for yourself.

We are an award-winning, dedicated group of living history performers that have come together to share our love of history and Arizona and preserve the culture of the Old West & Arizona Territory. We are a non-profit organization raising funds for those less fortunate folks, critters & little ones.

So if ya wanta bring the Old West to your special occasion or gathering, give us a holler. We are fully insured & a proud member of the Prescott Chamber of Commerce & Sharlot Hall Museum.

Come see us for a rootin-tootin Wild West shootin good time varmit.


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All day: Shootout on Whiskey Row

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